The Olympic Medallists

Olympic Medal Results from Athens 1896 to London 2012
and Winter Games from Chamonix 1924 to Sochi 2014

118 years of Olympic history on one CD - over 26,000 Olympic medal winners - 5,871 Olympic events  
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Results: Sochi 2014

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Results from London 2012 Beijing 2008  Athens 2004   Sydney 2000

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recent Winter Games Results:
Vancouver 2010
Torino 2006  Salt Lake City 2002

CD includes all medal winners and Olympic medal results 
right up to Sochi 2014

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The Olympic Medallists on CD is a comprehensive reference. Find any event and result, any medal winner, instantly. View all the events in which your country won a medal. Instant display of countries represented on the winners' podium in every event right through the history of the games. Review the medal tables of every Olympiad and each of the 128 nations that have won Olympic medals. Take the tour and decide for yourself. If you order now, the CD will be shipped right after the Games, to include all the results from Sochi.

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Experience again (or for the first time) just how close the competition was with graphic display of the margins between the first three placings. See the flags as they flew during the medal ceremony. Check the medals won by every medal winner, how old they were at the time - and how old they are now. Which ones share a birthday with you? Read their stories and biographies in fascinating detail. Did you know for instance, that one medal winner was executed for committing murder? Or that one survived the medal ceremony by a mere 22 days? Or that one woman won three medals on her 25th birthday? Or that the oldest medal winner ever was 73 years of age and the youngest just 10? 
You will find all this and much more on 
The Olympic Medallists CD

Olympic Medal Results of recent Winter Games: Vancouver 2010 Torino 2006, Salt Lake City 2002 , Nagano 1998 
Full medal results of the last summer games at London 2010  
Olympic Medal Results from Beijing 2008 Athens 2004 Sydney 2000  
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